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The M-Wave Bag Collection Features 600D Tear-Proof Nylon And Reflective Materials For The Most Demanding Cyclists. Free Shipping on Orders over $99!

Welcome to our Bike Pannier Bags category, where we've gathered a wide selection of innovative and versatile bags from M-Wave & Nooyah designed to enhance your cycling adventures. Whether you're commuting, touring, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, our pannier bags are here to carry your gear efficiently and stylishly.

Waterproof Pannier Bags: Don't let rain or unexpected weather conditions dampen your spirits. Our waterproof pannier bags are built to withstand the elements, keeping your belongings safe and dry throughout your journey. Crafted from durable, waterproof materials and featuring sealed seams, these bags are designed to be your trusty companions during wet rides. Enjoy the peace of mind that your gear is protected, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Pannier Bags with Shoulder Straps: We understand that convenience doesn't stop when you dismount your bike. That's why our pannier bags come equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to easily transition from cycling to walking without missing a beat. Whether you're exploring a new town, running errands, or heading to the office, these pannier bags transform into comfortable and stylish shoulder bags, ensuring you always have your essentials at hand.

Our Bike Pannier Bags category offers a range of styles and sizes to suit your specific needs. From large capacity panniers for extended tours to compact options for daily commuting, we have the perfect bag to accommodate your gear. With secure attachment systems, thoughtful design features, and durable construction, our pannier bags are the ideal companions for your cycling adventures. Explore our collection today and experience the convenience and versatility of our premium pannier bags. Ride on with confidence, rain or shine, and seamlessly transition from bike to shoulder, all thanks to our exceptional pannier bags.


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M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Pannier Bag


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M-Wave Bag For Handlebar Waterproof Ottawa


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M-Wave Bag Rear Pannier Waterproof Montreal


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Nooyah 40L waterproof Bike Pannier Bag Motorcycle Dry Duffel Bag


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Nooyah Pannier Dry Bag Waterproog (One Bag Only)

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